Ahad, 17 Ogos 2008

Teacher’s dilemma on punishment

AT times, I am confused over the type of punishment I should mete out to my students when they disobey instructions.

Their behaviour may not be excessively disruptive, but it stresses me when they turn up late for lessons, fail to complete their howework, talk while I’m teaching and copy assignments either from the Internet, books or friends.

Should I let these students off without any (stern) action?

If I did that, the other students especially those who are obedient and cooperative might think that I am taking sides.

Will they think of me as a fair and just disciplinarian or someone who is weak and biased?

Should I ignore them and get on with the business of teaching and act as if their (mis)behaviour does not bother me?

I’m also in a predicament in that if action is taken against these students, I will have to face the wrath of their parents, even family members, and of course be reprimanded by the school administration.

Thank goodness, I haven’t had any nasty experiences yet in the five years that I have been teaching.

I have only “gently” reprimanded my students, but I can’t help but worry that some troubled student might decide to damage my car, especially after reading recent media reports where students fought, punched and injured teachers.

In fact, the safety of other well-behaved students might also be in jeopardy because of the behaviour of some violent, troubled and angry students.

NAZREEN Via e-mail

The Star Online: 17 Ogos 2008

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