Jumaat, 15 Ogos 2008

Teachers in molest claims


LABIS: Two primary school teachers have been arrested for allegedly molesting and performing indecent acts on their pupils.

The teachers, aged 35 and 27, from two different schools in Labis and Kluang respectively, were arrested after pupils lodged police reports.

Investigations showed that the students were molested in different places, including a school’s counselling room, an art class and even in a park.

In the latest report in Labis last week, a Year 6 pupil who failed to attend her extra classes was asked to see the discipline teacher in the counselling room.

Sources said that instead of reprimanding her, the 35-year-old teacher started showing her pornographic pictures on his laptop and molested her.

The family suspected something amiss when the girl refused to go to school the next day. The family then lodged a police report.

In the other case in Kluang, several Year 6 pupils lodged separate reports after being molested by their 27-year-old teacher, allegedly since March this year.

In one case, the teacher had offered a 12-year-old pupil a ride in his car to attend Friday prayers but took him to a secluded area instead and molested him and tried to sodomise him.

The boy managed to fight him off and demanded to be sent home.

Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Amer Awal appealed to those with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212 9999.

The Star Online: 15 Ogos 2008

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