Ahad, 25 Mei 2008

Use of english: Take it in your stride

By : MARY GEORGE, Kuala Lumpur

I REALLY do not understand how some politicians and lobbyists can say that teaching Mathematics and Science in English is tantamount to undermining the national language. Do these people check to see what language is used to teach the other subjects in primary and secondary schools?

In primary school, English is used to teach English, Maths and Science; Bahasa Malaysia is used for Bahasa Malaysia, Kemahiran Hidup, Kajian Tempatan, Moral, Seni, Muzik and Sivik.In secondary school, it's English for English, Science and Maths, and Bahasa Malaysia for Bahasa Malaysia, Kemahiran Hidup, Sejarah, Moral, Seni, Geografi and Sivik.There are seven subjects taught in Bahasa Malaysia compared with three in English. On top of that, the official language used during school hours is Bahasa Malaysia. So where is the "undermining" taking place? These politicians and lobbyists are self-centred people who do not care for the future of our young generation.

When our schools switched to Bahasa Malaysia decades ago, everyone took it in their stride and learnt the language. Why can't we do likewise now that we have switched back to teaching Maths and Science in English?

The New Straits Times: 25 Mei 2008

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