Isnin, 28 Julai 2008

PTK examination: Education Ministry decides on system

By:DR. JOHN ANTONY XAVIER forPublic Service Department

THE Public Service Department (PSD) wishes to refer to the letter by T.L. Tuah of Kuala Lumpur, "PTK examination: Teachers need a better system" (NST, July 16).

The PTK (Competency Level Assessment) aims to measure the level of attitude, skills and knowledge required to accomplish tasks at a particular grade in its service scheme.

By attaining a certain level of competence, an officer proves that he or she has the required competence to serve at that grade. The PTK can also provide an indication of the potential of an officer.

The PSD agrees with T.L. Tuah that a teacher should be assessed on his or her ability to teach. Accordingly, the instrument for assessment must be appropriate to enable a fair assessment of competencies.

In this respect, the PSD has empowered the Competency Assessment Board of each ministry (in this case, the Education Ministry) to decide suitable methodologies or instruments for assessment.

The New Straits Times Online: 28 Julai 2008

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