Rabu, 23 Julai 2008

Teacher’s mum sues headmistress


SEREMBAN: A widow has filed a suit against a headmistress for the death of her son, a teacher, during a school camping trip to Ulu Beranang in April.

Pathmavathy @Nabishah Abdullah 58, said her son Mohammed Radzi Mohd Kamal, 35, died of a heart attack while climbing a hill during a leadership programme on April 19.

She also named the state education director, the Education Ministry and the Government as respondents.

She claimed that her son had told SK Seremban 2A headmistress, Noraini Baharuddin, twice that he would not be able to take part in the hill climb as he was unfit.

Pathmavathy said the headmistress did not heed his pleas.

Her son then began climbing the hill but stopped after 15 minutes.

“He told others in his group that he was feeling dizzy and then collapsed. He was rushed to the clinic but was declared dead,” she said.

Pathmavathy claimed that her son’s death was caused by the headmistress’ negligence as she had forced Mohammed Radzi to climb despite him telling her that he was unfit.

“The headmistress failed to ensure there was a doctor on duty or an ambulance on standby before the group went up the hill,” she said

“The headmistress failed to assess the condition of the track which was challenging and difficult,” she said adding that her son, who used to earn RM3,719.76 a month was her only provider.

She is claiming general damages under the Civil Ordinance 1956, a monthly loss of income of RM2,500 and RM10,000 in bereavement cost and other relief.

The case would be mentioned in the Sessions Court here on Sept 5.

The Star Online: 23 Julai 2008

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