Ahad, 20 Julai 2008

Teacher and student hit with a hammer and spanner


JOHOR BARU: Students watched in horror as their teacher and a classmate were repeatedly assaulted with a hammer and spanner during an examination in a classroom.

The incident at a top Chinese school here resulted in the student and teacher suffering multiple head injuries. They were both rushed to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital for treatment.

The attack is believed to have been sparked by a misunderstanding a few days ago when the victim allegedly called the assailant “useless”.

The drama unfolded at 1.30pm yesterday during a Chinese language exam for 50 Form Two students.

Rude shock: Schoolboys mopping the classroom floor after a teacher and a student (below) was attacked and injured during an exam in Johor Baru yesterday.

The 17-year-old assailant, also a student at the school, rushed into the classroom armed with a small hammer and spanner and started hitting the 15-year-old victim on the head.

The teacher, only known as Seng, said that she happened to be near the victim at that time and rushed to protect him when she was also hit with the hammer above her right eye.

Seng said that she and her student were bleeding profusely.

“There was blood everywhere,” she said, adding that she ran to the discipline teacher’s room to report the matter.

Both Seng and the student received several stitches at the hospital.

According to the injured student’s cousin, electrician Lee Boon Huat, 44, the misunderstanding stemmed from a small argument between the victim and another boy.

The student’s parents declined to comment on the matter, saying that their son was now recovering from the attack.

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Amer Awal confirmed the attack and that a Form Five student was handed over to the police by school authorities.

The Star Online: 19 Julai 2008

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