Khamis, 17 Julai 2008

PUNISHMENT: Not an option


I AM not in favour of a teacher using the cane as punishment for weak students who are slow to grasp mathematical formulas or unable to solve problems correctly in an effort to ensure that students do well in the subject concerned.

The intentions were good, but caning a student as punishment for not doing well in mathematics or in any other subject is a big no-no.

Caning should only be used to discipline hard-core stubborn students. I am sure there are other "softer" punishments that can be meted out.

Not all students are smart. That is why they attend school, where educators play their roles in educating below-average students.

Teachers are supposed to be caring and understanding towards their students besides imparting their knowledge to them. I hope teachers will not resort to caning their students over trivial matters in the future.

The New Straits Times Online: 17 Julai 2008

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