Isnin, 24 November 2008

A tough decision for Minister

THE UPSR results are out. There are another six weeks before the school term begins in Jan 2009.

The whole nation is now eagerly waiting for the Education Minister to announce that all-important decision on the review of the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. The Minister had said that the UPSR results in the two subjects would not be the sole criterion for the decision. There are many other factors and views to be considered.

Months of deliberations, roundtable discussions and presentations of the findings of related studies had been carried out.

There are as many advocates as there are detrators, and the pros and the cons are equally substantive. Both sides have put forth strong and convincing arguments.

The ball is back in the Ministry’s court now. The Minister is bound to receive as many cheers as well as jeers, irrespective of whichever direction he kicks the ball. What is obvious though is that whether the people concerned are advocates or detractors of the policy, they are obviously representing and defending their own interests.

The Minister’s decision will have to be seen as one who can balance the differing views. This is certainly not an easy task, and an outcry after the decision, is only to be expected. I must say that the Education Minister is in a most unenviable position!


The star Online: 23 November 2008

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