Isnin, 15 Disember 2008

MCA wants Science, Maths to be taught in mother tongue in primary schools

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA is agreeable to English being used to teach Science and Mathematics — but only at secondary level. It wants the two subjects taught in the pupils’ mother tongues at primary level.

MCA vice-president Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said the party would, however, wait for the coming round-table discussion on the issue with the Education Ministry before commenting further.

“I hope all parties can come to an amicable solution and clear all doubts over the whole episode,” he told a press conference after witnessing Sony EMCS (M) Sdn Bhd handing over 38 LCD television sets to 19 government hospitals at Serdang Hospital near here yesterday.

He was asked to comment on MCA’s stand on the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English.

Liow declined to comment on the threat by Chinese educationist groups to protest against the use of English as a medium of instruction for the two subjects.

Recently, it was reported that Chinese educationist group Dong Jiao Zong was going to protest over the issue.

Of the 38 televisions donated by Sony, 17 were sent to 10 hospitals in Selangor, 11 to six hospitals in Penang, seven to two hospitals in the Federal Territory and three to a hospital in Kedah.

He commended Sony for sponsoring the television sets.

The Star Online: 14 Disember 2008

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I believe that the Chinese community wants their children to be tought in Science and Maths in Mandarin because they want thier children to be thought by Chinese teachers.