Isnin, 2 Jun 2008

Extend scheme to all teachers


NUTP secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said this should be extended to those in DG44 and DG48.

“We want to ensure that teachers in these two groups – who are now either administrators or are still teaching – can be upgraded to the next scale based on their years of experience in a non-graduate scale,” she told reporters after a three-hour meeting between union leaders and ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Zulkurnain Awang, as well as officers from the human resources division recently.

She said the union wanted to bring the matter up to the ministry's attention before a circular on the matter was announced.

On May 16, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had announced during the Teachers Day celebration in Malacca, that the years of experience of non-graduate teachers on DGA29 would be taken into consideration when upgraded to the DG41 graduate scale.

Under the new scheme, every three years of service as a non-graduate teacher would be considered as a year's experience in DG41.

This experience was previously not taken into consideration.

Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Zulkurnain Awang said that all proposals from the union will be evaluated and forwarded to the Public Services Department.

On another matter, Lok said she wanted to reassure all teachers that the union represented their interests.

“We have been getting SMSes and complaints from teachers that the union seems to be only fighting for the rights of senior teachers.

“We want to deny this and ask teachers to give us time so that we can fight for their rights too,” she said.

The Star Online: 1 Jun 2008

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