Isnin, 23 Jun 2008

70 learn about NST English e-learning website

Tan Cheng Yean

GEORGE TOWN: Seventy teachers learned about the New Straits Times English e-learning website for primary and secondary school students during a workshop held at a beach hotel here yesterday.

New Straits Times's assistant Newspaper-in-Education (NIE) programme coordinator Nur Zarina Othman introduced them to animated language games such as Agreement Clinchers, Sentence Cauldron and Trivia, on the site,

She also explained how their pupils could register themselves on the website so that they could access the web pages.

NiEXUS is offered free of charge to schools under the NST School Sponsporship Programme and to schools subscribing to the NST.

Schools not in either category can pay an annual registration fee for access.
It is the latest addition to the newspaper's NIE programme.

"The site teaches users a bit about the world around them while testing word power, grammar and comprehension, besides providing web space for creative expression and the sharing of views," Nur Zarina said.

The half-day NIE-NiEXUS teachers' workshop was organised by New Straits Times and sponsored by Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd (MRCB).

The teachers who attended were English language teachers and other teachers from three schools in Penang - Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato Kramat, Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg Jawa and Sekolah Kebangsaan Bagan Jermal.

The schools are among those sponsored by MRCB through the NST School Sponsorship Programme.

During the workshop, the participants also took part in NIE activities, such as making a newspaper front page by collage work.

Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato Kramat's English panel head, Salmah Osman and the school's senior assistant (cocurriculum) C. Parimala were among the participants.

Parimala, who teaches English and Mathematics, said the seminar was too short.

A two-day seminar would be better, she said.

"Such workshops should have activities suitable for pupils who are weak in English," Parimala said.

Lim Gaik Hong, another teacher from the same school, who was attending a NIE workshop for the first time, said she found it interesting.

The New Straits Times Online: 22 Jun 2008

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