Isnin, 9 Jun 2008

Teachers or bullies?

letter (StarEducation, June 1) has struck a chord in me.

As a reader, I would like to say thanks to the writer for bringing up the matter of good and bad teachers.

We cannot deny the fact that nasty teachers exist in almost every school and many of us have had to deal with them when we were students.

My classmated and I had a horrible teacher in Standard One and to this day, we cannot forgive her for making our lives miserable.

She killined the fun and enthusiasm we had during our early years in school.

She would cane and pinch us and look for minor faults in our schoolwork.

It was worse because we had to endure not one, but three years of hell as she was our class teacher until Year Three.

Somehow, our sagging spirits were not totally broken as our next three years in primary school were comparitively better.

My Year One to Three teacher was horrid and indeed a nightmare, and it is to teachers like her that I pose this question:

Do we send our children to school to gain an education or to get bullied?

Unless something is done, these black sheep of the teaching profession will continue to persecute their young victims.

They have no idea that their victims suffer badly, spending months or even years feeling hopeless and broken. In extreme situations, these youngsters might even feel suicidal!

Is it fair to these victims and their loved ones? Where is the justice for students who went through hell with those nasty teachers?

I agree with Tengku Khaulah that teachers who have no passion should indeed look for other jobs.

They have no right to take out their frustration on their young charges.

S. Yin, Via e-mail

The Star: 8 Jun 2008

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