Sabtu, 28 Jun 2008

Teacher caned pupils' feet and back, says dad

By: Adie Suri Zulkefli

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The father of a Year Six pupil of SK Bandar Perda here claimed that a teacher went overboard in taking disciplinary action against his son and five others.

He claimed the teacher whipped the students' feet and backs after they failed to abide by another teacher's instruction to stop making noise during class.

Azman Shah Othman, 43, from Apartment Permata here, said he was disappointed by the teacher's action as it breached disciplinary guidelines.

The father of six claimed that the incident happened on Tuesday when his son, Muhammad Firdaus, 12, and five classmates were called up by the teacher.

"The teacher ordered them to gather at another classroom where he accused them of making a female teacher cry because they did not listen to her instructions," he said.
Azman claimed that the six were whipped on their feet and backs with a cane.

"I appreciate that the teacher was trying to discipline my son but this is not the way to do it as it could endanger his health."

Azman also questioned why the teacher was allowed to take the action as he was not a disciplinary teacher.

He said his son was still traumatised by the incident and had refused to go to school.

Meanwhile, state Education Department director Ibrahim Mohamad said an internal investigation was initiated after Azman lodged a report about the incident.

The New Straits Times Online: 27 Jun 2008

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