Isnin, 9 Jun 2008

Teacher trainer woes still unresolved

READ with interest the article by Gan Inn Saine (StarEducation, May 25). I strongly agree and share Gan's sentiments on the promotion exercise.

The BPG (Bahagian Pendidikan Guru or the Teacher Training Divison) has been taking us, lecturers, for a ride ever since talk of upgrading the teacher training colleges to IPG (Institut Pendidikan Guru or Teacher Training Institutes) status was brought up.

Even before the upgrading, we were already working nine hours a day, compared to the fewer hours that we used to put in earlier.

Whose decision was it to have a promotion exercise?

Was it the BPG's or was it done at the whim of the directors of the teacher training institutes?

We were told to submit our particulars and relevant documents for the promotion exercises about a year ago, and were told to do so again recently.

Is this BPG's attempt at raising our hopes once again?

Yet, another disappointment was the recent MTeST examination held last month.

The aim of the examination is to source for prospective candidates who can be trained as primary school teachers under the KPLI (Kursus Perguruan Lepas Ijazah) programme from the pool of graduates who had applied.

The exam had five segments, and candidates had to answer the questions in each segment within half an hour, which in itself, was challenging.

Sadly the errors that were found in the five segments were appalling!

What is BPG's comment on this? How can we, being the “front-liners” of the education system, allow ourselves to be the subject of ridicule?

Can something be done?



The Star: 8 Jun 2008

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